ShanLynn is a Los Angeles-based DJ, VJ, Composer, Producer, Dancer, and choreographer originally from Austin, Texas. Her style is open format, but also enjoys playing eclectic music, Balearic house, chill out, electronica, indie dance, neo-soul, funk, nu-disco, house, classic rock, and old school hip-hop. She loves giving Top 40 a new outlook by mixing remixes and mash-ups so the sound is familiar, but giving it a fresh take.

Music is DJ Shanlynn’s life. She grew up dancing professionally, as well as buying her first set of turntables at the age of 14. Dance gave her many traveling opportunities and she made sure to stop at the local record stores to collect vinyl wherever she went, including Detroit where she spent her summers growing up.

 ShanLynn's extreme versatility has made her a highly in demand DJ. She has worked with many high profile clients including Wall Street Journal, Aids Healthcare Foundation, Mercedes Benz, and even made a DJ cameo on ABC'S 21st season of the Bachelorette. She prides herself on being able to read the room, and play music for the people. She is extremely hard working, easy to work with, and loves making people smile and have fun.

For an electronic or house set, you will hear her love of melodies and drum rhythms in her music because she is a classically trained pianist and drummer. Heavily influenced by the Detroit sound and early electronic music pioneers, her range is very broad but all with a common theme.

ShanLynn believes in music that moves you, physically and mentally. You will feel that in her DJ sets, always taking you on a journey and bringing you back to the dance floor.